Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lasers and bones

In true spirit of me going off on a tangent, this blog will not really be about nutrition but rather, lasers.  I know, I know.  Sounds a bit hokey but let me explain first...

Six weeks ago, I was playing basketball and came down on my foot wrong.  A simple jump and a roll of the foot cost me a broken foot.  I didn't go to the doctor (shame on me!) but let me tell you why...

Eight years ago, I broke the same bone (5th metatarsal) while trail running.  That was the first broken bone of my life and I believe it happened because I was going a bit too fast (running with an IM World Champion will do that!).  

Back to my current situation...when I hit the ground playing basketball six weeks ago, the pain was the exact same that I experienced 8 years ago.  I knew what had happened and took it upon myself to be in charge of my own care plan.  After a physical therapist friend ruled out a serious fracture, I placed myself in a walking boot, went aggressive on micronutrient supplementation and started using the cold laser that I have at eNRG performance.  

I really didn't know how effective the cold laser would be on a broken bone but I can honestly say, after 4-5 treatments of 4-6 minutes per time per day, my 5th metatarsal is healing much quicker than it did 8 years ago.  I'm older and while I do not have an X-ray to validate this, I can actually walk without my walking boot.

I will remain in my boot for another 2 weeks so I don't do anything stupid (like trying to run) but the whole point of me writing this blog is to share the outside the box thinking when it comes to something other than nutrition.  Using alternative therapies (such as the cold laser) can indeed benefit an injury.  I hope you do not have to experience something like this but if you do, look into this cold laser therapy.  It's for real!

And if you are wondering, no, my upcoming tri season has not been put on hold whatsoever.  I've been enjoying some extra time doing strength training, swimming and even a bit of cycling (with a flat pedal on my bike).  As I recall 8 years ago, I got out of my walking boot 4 weeks before Ironman Coeur d'Alene.  Finished it and went on to finish my first Leadville 100 run 7 weeks later.

Anything is possible!

Coach Bob