Sunday, February 10, 2013


After coming back from Brazil, I had the best intentions of doing another Metabolic Efficiency Assessment to note any changes in my metabolic efficiency immediately after pacing my athlete during the Brazil 135 ultra-run.  I was also scheduling my comprehensive blood work analysis to get a more clear picture of my blood lipid and stress profile.  However, a minor setback (aka-The Flu) had other plans for me.

I have been down and out for 9 days.  Seven of these days were absolutely miserable and sidelined me from even leaving the house.  I had to clear my entire work schedule.  Training was out of the question and even more alarming to a person who loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen: I lost all taste senses!  Noooooo.  The horror!

Anyway, it is day 10 and I am going to attempt my first training session tomorrow morning at the Team EMC swim practice led by Coach Susan Williams.  I, of course, will be adapting my workout quite a bit and will swim down a lane in order to keep my efforts aerobic and ease my way back into health.

From a nutrition perspective, I completely lost my appetite the first three days and slowly regained it back.  I tried to stay on my controlled carbohydrate experiment as much as possible but to be honest, higher fat foods did not sound good at all.  I enjoyed a few nutritional speedbumps through this illness as I listened to what my body wanted.  Mostly, it called for soups, crackers (almond crisps) and fruit.  Very strange but I fed my body what it wanted.  I am happy to report that I am back 100% to my controlled carbohydrate experiment now. 

As I add in my training, very slowly, I am eager to note how my body bounces back from this illness of which I have not had since I was a kid.  Stay tuned...high intensity triathlon and plyometric training is coming!

Coach Bob