Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 5 Update

Five days have progressed since I introduced my new daily nutrition plan to my body and I must say, there have been quite a few interesting things to note.

The first is that I am consistent in keeping my daily carbohydrate intake between 60-75 grams.  I really thought it would be more difficult but it is not.  I am getting a hang of what foods to put together (specifically meat products since those have not been part of my daily nutrition for the past 10 years) and the timing in which I should eat.  I am listening to my hunger signals and my satiety is greatly improved.  I am pleasantly surprised how much less I have to eat to sustain my hunger but also my performance.

Secondly, my energy levels have been through the roof!  Not surprising but I have no lulls throughout the day, I wake up not as ravenous and the big bonus is that I have no hunger issues after dinner any longer (there is about 3-4 hours between the time I finish dinner and the time I go to bed).

Third is that fact that my affinity (or cravings if you will) for sweet treats has markedly decreased.  Now, you should understand that I have quite the sweet tooth but my wife had some almond M&M’s out in a bowl the other day on the table and I walked right by them.  I mean I stopped briefly and assessed my biological need for them and it was not there.  What?  That never happens! Additionally, my emotional need for sweets is almost gone.  Amazing!  In fact, I haven’t had any chocolate or anything sweet since I started aside from a few dried cranberries in a nut based trail mix and my chocolate whey protein powder.  Strange but my taste buds seem to be more sensitive as I can really taste the sweetness in the small amount of nuts I eat (especially almonds and cashews).

Next up, my teeth.  Okay this may sound strange but I do not have that sugar film (I call it fuzzy teeth) on my teeth any longer and I am sure my dentist will be happy about this one!  

Lastly, I have been monitoring my body weight for trend analysis purposes and I am down 5-6 pounds in this short time.  Now, I can’t really afford to lose much and never actually want to lose weight but I am definitely leaner, less hungry, have no sugar cravings and am more mood stable throughout the day.

Can it get any better?  I sure hope so as I begin to explore how my body does on this plan as my running miles increase exponentially in the next few months.

Stay tuned...this is just getting fun!

Coach Bob


  1. This is awesome Bob. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome!

  2. I'm very intrigued by this approach. Maybe you could talk a bit about what kind of training you're doing during this low glycemic cycle and how your body feels during/after the workouts?